About Us

Developed by the Trades for the Trades. All started in 2017 and by 2018 756 calls had been made to you.

Concrete is literally the foundation of all construction jobs. All you need to do is look around your everyday world to see the impact concrete has on our world.

Concrete is not for everyone and it is definately not a 9-5 job. Those that stay and thrive in the industry understand what it means to place, finish, and repair concrete. The skills and knowledge required to do the job are extensive and the reward is being able to say 'I did that' and it's still around in 30 years. Concrete builds our world.

The Board of Directors

The Board of Director's are working indivuals, that combined posses a vast understanding of placing, finishing, and repairing concrete

Hank Meerdink
Complete Services

West Fraser Concrete Ltd


Connie Krissler
Complete Services

Silver Springs Concrete Services


Darrell Rempel

Captain Concrete Inc.


David Ritchie

Intrusion Prepakt Ltd.


Karl Jardine
Red Seal Concrete Finisher



Craig Smith

Whitewater Concrete


Diana Klingner

Training and Workforce

Canadian National Trades


Adelino Flores

Astra Concrete Ltd.


Why Join us?

Because it's time to have your say and create an sustainable concrete placing, finishing and repairindustry.


Educate General Contractors, Homeowners, Government, and other stakeholders on best practices for concrete placing, finishing, and repairs.
Learn from those that do the job.

Ask How? Be a subject matter expert.


Concrete needs peoples. Concrete needs to be learned and taught on job sites in the elements.
We can find the young people. We need the Trades employ and help train them.

Ask how? Not a charity.


The placing, finishing and repair of concrete needs quality standards and best practices. From suppliers to tradespeople customers spend alot of money on conrete. Lets get it right.

Ask How? Shape the future.